At Derbyshire Off Road Centre, we know that vehicle security is your top priority, that’s why we make it ours too.

Every Honda Off-Road bike and Sea-Doo jet ski that leaves our showroom is pre-fitted with a datatag, and we are the first off-road dealership to offer an anti-theft tracking system for all our vehicles!


Datatag is a simple concept that deters thieves from stealing your property and that makes it much easier for police to detect stolen vehicles. Find out more from their website.

The basic in vehicle security

Anti-Theft Tracking System

Our exclusive anti-theft tracking system is a GPS-enabled, self-powering tracker that offers a live-feed location tracker. The trackers have a 2-year life span due to battery life, and for a 2-year subscription the Derbyshire Off Road Centre exclusive price is £349. The tracker is available for any vehicle we stock.

The ultimate in vehicle security

vehicle security 1

If you’re interested in finding out more about our vehicle security systems, please contact us