Scarab Jet Boats

Plenty of room for friends, family, & fun. no room for mediocrity.

Scarab® was born to challenge the conventions of boat design, so you can challenge the limits of boating. It’s in our heritage. It’s who we are. And it’s why we design and build boats that excite all the senses, from first look to first push of the throttle.

Scarab 165

It’s the only 16 foot jet boat on the water and it shows. With plenty of power, colors choices, and features, you have everything you need to separate yourself from pack. Easily stand out from the crowd in the compact, but potent, 165.

Scarab 195

The 195’s prowess is only determined by memories made through a punch to the throttle. With a spacious interior, incisive handling, and a sleek design, the 195 is proof that breaking industry standards starts in the engineering lab. Get off the dock and carve your own path with the Scarab 195.

Scarab 215

The Scarab 215—21 feet of gratifying exhilaration! With Twin Rotax® Jet engines operating deftly at your fingertips and loads of luxurious features, your adventures become limitless. The only question is what are you going to do with it?

Scarab 255

At 25 feet, the Scarab 255 is easily the largest jet boat on the market today. Wakeboarders, skiers and tubers will dig the vitality from the twin Rotax® engines, while your family will appreciate all the extra leg room. Experience the Scarab difference and push exhilaration to its limit in the spacious 255.