Maverick Trail DPS T (+60KM/H) 800




In Black-Can-Am Red, stand out with the Maverick Trial DPS T 800, a machine which provides a ride that is as comfortable as it is agile. With the factory-installed Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), ABS braking system, and the opportunity to customise your vehicle with over 100 accessories (easily attached to the 10 LinQ attachment points), get the ride that you want.

Want something small and compact, that can take you anywhere your outdoor heart desires? The Maverick Trial DPS T 800 has been especially engineered into a compact 50-inch space with a complete Ergo-Lok cockpit, so you can explore even the smallest of spaces. Steer where you want to with the Dynamic Power Steering that offers easy steering access to the rider and adapts with the vehicle’s speed. At walking speeds, assistance is increased to reduce steering effort, while at higher speeds, it is reduced to keep maximum steering feel to the rider. Assisting you in keeping total control, the adjustable tilt steering, thick-rimmed wheel and multi-functional digital gauge display separates man from machine. Make no mistake, with a double A-arm front suspension and TTA rear suspension that combined offers up to 10″ front and 10.5″ rear travel, this model was designed for trail riding.

Being small doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice speed, however. With an efficient 55-hp Rotax 800 V-Twin engine, this road legal model allows you to hit the ground with a responsible throttle and renowned roar regardless of the tricky terrain. With Can-am’s New Electronic throttle Control (iTC), the three driving modes allow for a smooth and controllable riding experience.



  • Ground clearance: 25.4cm
  • Wheelbase: 230.1cm
  • Length: 300.5cm
  • Width: 127cm
  • Height: 175.5



  • ROTAX 800/100 Engine
  • 5.3 US Gal (20.2L) of storage


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