Can-Am Traxter XT HD10




Rise to the challenge with the Traxter XT HD10. With a 72-hp Rotax HD10 V-Twin engine that is specifically tuned for serious work, but also offers 61 lb-ft torque and peak torque at lower RPM for optimal delivery for recreational use, the Traxter XT HD10 is capable of whatever job it is given.  With three different driving modes (Eco, Work, and Normal), the Traxter XT HD10 can handle a variety of terrain whilst saving on fuel consumption. Take the ground on premium 27inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires and 14inch Cast-Aluminium wheels.

The Traxter XT HD10 is fitted with Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) and improves the steering-feel in slow-speed working situations and in more technical terrain. Designed to offer less assistance at high speeds and more assistance at low speeds, the Traxter takes the work out of the ride for you.

The Visco-Lok QE front differential combined with the lockable rear differential offers a 4-mode traction system providing multiple choices for varying terrain or tasks. Users, via a separate front-and-rear toggle switches, can select between a 2×4 open rear differential for tight turning and turf protection, a 2×4 lockable rear for improved 2WD traction, a 4×4 open rear for more manoeuvrability in rugged terrain, and a 4×4 locked rear for maximum traction. The rear differential is gear-on-gear to the transmission for better response, no maintenance, better efficiency, and fewer components.

The VERSA-PRO bench seat offered on the XT package includes truck-like flip-up passenger seats with sealed/waterproof under-seat storage. It uses a reinforced seat cover with thicker vinyl and a special material finish to be more resistant and offers a premium look. The Traxter vehicles’ high-quality seat cover is designed to endure the everyday use on the farm, job site, and trail. In addition, the XT driver seat features 3-in (8 cm) of adjustability (forward/rearward) for added comfort and better entrance and exit.

Removable and water-resistant, the 1.7 gal (6.3 L) toolbox –an industry exclusive– on the open dash allows for users to carry and store tools and other supplies in an organised manner. The 6 gal (23 L) of under dash storage with enclosed pocket provides additional storage. With additional under-seat storage and enclosed storage above the gauges, the Traxter provides a total of up to 63.9al. (39.5 L) of storage solutions.

Additional cool features include a 2, 014kg winch and front bumper, a analogue/digital gauge combination, and full hard roof.



  • Ground clearance: 28cm
  • Wheelbase: 211.5cm
  • Length: 310.5cm
  • Width: 157.5cm
  • Height: 198.1cm


  • HD10 Rotax Engine
  • 61.3L storage capacity
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