The YFM700R and YFZ450R can both be made road legal and registered for an extra cost. YFM700R is the favourite for road use, and YFZ450R is the favourite for racers.

Yamaha YFM700R 2020


Once you’ve ridden the Yamaha YFM700R 2020 there’s no turning back. It’s thrilling power and precise handling ensure adrenaline-charged action on all types of terrain. And once you’re hooked, this mighty ATV will transform your leisure time forever.

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Yamaha YFZ450R SE 2020


Serious racers will tell you that the Yamaha YFZ450R SE 2020 is the clear favourite with winning riders. Its sharp-handling chassis and ultra-responsive 450cc engine have made it today’s number one racing ATV. Nothing else comes close

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Special Edition Models

These are the new Yamaha ATVs Special Editions, as created by our in-house team of technicians. Each model is custom-built from scratch using techniques such as hydrodipping and powder coating. To find out more about the modifications we do click here.

Each Special Edition is completely customise-able, so you can pick your colour, your wheels, your parts separately and we will build them onto the ATV to create a completely unique look. Contact us for more information.